“Arguments for taking action on climate change”

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By: Olivia Moore 
Nowadays there has been revealed a lot of information that concerns the change of the climate. Whether we admit it or not, the climate change is indisputable fact. Caused by a wide range of human activities it leads to inevitable consequences for us. There have been many discussions over the last few years and many alternatives have been offered. However, a real question to think about is whether we as human beings realize that we need to take some actions if we want to stop this process. Because the climate change is contributed by many unpleasant surprises that won’t be beneficial neither for the Earth, nor for for the people. If you are still not convinced of the seriousness of the situation, we are ready to give  you enough arguments that will demonstrate the influence of the climate change on our lives. You will see that climate stability really matters and that our society should take some measure to change this situation. 
"Arguments for taking action on climate change"
The impact on the water
As we all know lakes and rivers help for the supplying of water for animals and people and they have also a major significance for the industry and agriculture. Seas and oceans are a source of food for many people and other animals. However the climate change will be the cause for many droughts and floods that, unfortunately, could not be predicted. When there is a lack of fresh and clean water this will lead to problems in agriculture and food which  will have a serious impact on the lives of many people.
"Arguments for taking action on climate change"
The influence on the agriculture
The change of the climate will also affect the agricultural sector. As a great percentage of people make their living by farming this is more than disturbing fact. Normally some of the poorest members of the society count on farming so they are more than dependent on the climate than you can imagine. The excessive amount of warming can lead to changes in the water that is used for the agricultural purposes. Therefore
the whole potential economic is put in danger due to the climate changes.
"Arguments for taking action on climate change"
The question of food availability
It is an indisputable fact that climate change affects as well the stability of the food systems all around the world. Due to the constant changes in the climate  many crop productions are doomed to failure. This leads to problems with food availability and utilization which sounds as a stable argument for taking actions to stop the climate changes. The insecurity with food can cause real problems to every household that is affected by the climate change, especially If the weather conditions have not been predicted. 
"Arguments for taking action on climate change"
The great impact of the forests
We are all well acquainted with the significance of the forests – they purify the air and they absorb a great amount of carbon dioxide. However many forests have been cut to clear the land for farms which leads to significant deforestation. When the carbon dioxide is released in the atmosphere it helps for the climate change. The effect is inevitable – as a result greenhouse gas emissions appear and the climate changes slowly but surely.
"Arguments for taking action on climate change"
The following arguments are enough to prove to you that our planet is no longer clean and cosy place to live are saying from Top Office Cleaners. We all, as humans need to take some actions if we want to stop this serious process. For a clean, green and pleasant environment where everyone can live undisturbed we should reconsider the consequences of our actions and to protect our planet in the best way, because  it gives us many benefits that we sometimes cannot appreciate in the right way.
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