“Creating Custom Business Mugs”

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There are many ways for businesses to try and increase their sales and market share. There is no one way to promote or advertise a business, as all businesses and their respective audiences are different. There are countless marketing efforts that companies can deploy to build their customer base and increase engagement. What is difficult for companies to determine are which methods are going to be effective.
Promotional products can be a great way for companies to provide custom branded items to their consumers. The key with promotional products is making sure that they are something that will be used by consumers. If they won’t use them, the return on investment won’t be there. One of the most popular and useful promotional products that businesses have produced and distributed are custom mugs.
The Power of the Mug
Let’s face it; there are thousands of possible promotional products that companies can produce. From pens, notepads, key chains and magnets, to lip balm and sunscreen. The reason why mugs can be such an effective promotional product is the fact that people use them on a daily basis. Just think about how many people start their day with a cup of coffee or tea. Think of the power of the daily exposure to your logo and branding. Aside from just the person who is drinking from the mug on a daily basis, companies can also gain the additional exposure that comes from just having the recipient place the mug on their desk. All of the people that they interact with will see the mug and might have some curiosity related to your brand. Mugs aren’t typically things that will be tossed out in the garbage. Companies can get a lot of mileage out of these types of promotional products, meaning that the return on investment can be very strong.
Besides appealing to folks who consume hot beverages on a daily basis, custom branded mugs can also be desirable products for others who see them as holders for pens, pencils and other tools. Again, these people will also interact with your brand on a daily basis, as they will constantly reach for a writing utensil from their mug. Also, they will keep the mug on their desk so you can reach other co-workers and colleagues. There is no better promotional product than one that has multiple uses for recipients.
The great thing about mugs is that you can be extremely creative in the design. You can choose from a wide variety of colors, shapes and handle designs. You can also add your custom logo and messaging to the mugs to really try and be as impactful as possible. Like with any marketing tactic, thinking of the best way to pique the interest of your audience is key.
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Author Bio: When Ashley Penningtons isn’t playing at the beach with her dogs, she is reading blogs and keeping up with all things social media. After getting a degree in Sociology, Ashley knew she was destined to study how companies can beneficially interact with and engage a target population.
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