Faster Payments for Small Business

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If you own or even work for a small business, you know how important it is to receive the money from your clients as soon as possible. That money is necessary to continue supplying the stock for the next work day, or for paying your employees. When you accept credit cards at your business, it can sometimes take up to 3-4 days for that payment to process and be placed in your business account. This sluggish processing time can become a large burden on your company, and has even been a reason for businesses to stop accepting payment by credit card altogether! Whether it’s an online store or a local business, there are methods to expedite and improve merchant credit card processing, and this article will cover a few of them. You will also learn about more secure methods of payment that you could introduce to your clients.

Specialized Companies Can Help

Ever since the economy has begun to grow and improve from the economic crisis of 2007, there has been a burst of new businesses being started in America! These small businesses need help getting started and stabilizing into successful and self-reliant companies. Certain entrepreneurs have recognized this need for helping small businesses and have started their own organizations that are designed to do exactly that! By innovating new methods to accept payments from clients, these companies offer a wide variety of helpful tactics to get the money from the buyer to the seller as fast as possible. Some of these methods consist of credit lines accorded to the business where the company can dispense the funds instantly into the business’ account after a purchase has been made, and then they will be refunded once the credit card payment processes. By working as a liaison between the merchant and the client, both parties receive what they want and how they want it. There are, however, small dues that the business has to pay to these companies in order to receive this credit service.

Helpful Payment Alternatives

Aside from taking advantage of the services that third-party companies can provide to help with receiving payments sooner and more efficiently, there are other methods that are available to you that can help your business grow and expand. If your business is constantly on-the-go and needs a way to receive payments from clients at multiple locations, there are ways to accept payments by only using a mobile phone and a credit card reader! Through using a smartphone app with its associated hardware, you can swipe your client’s credit card and make a sale no matter where you may be! Similarly, there are even more ways to accept payments online through programs that manage merchant credit card processing straight from your business’ website! To find these programs, search for “secure online payments” on a major search engine. Technology is constantly being improved and innovated to help the consumer as well as the supplier, so you should always be on the lookout for new ways to expand your business and secure your customers’ payments.


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