Germany Poised For Solar Energy Boom

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By Eduardo Dieguez —

When it comes to renewable energy there are a lot of markets all around the world. While there are numerous companies in America who focus on providing off-grid electricity, Germany is largely lauded as one of the world’s most enthusiastic users and collectors of green energy. Solar power is the energy of preference, and the European nation continues to make headlines every day as it strives to meet the goals it set for itself.


Solar Power in Germany

There are numbers which claim the sun could power all of humanity’s needs, if people only had the resources and technology to harvest the energy that’s found inside sunlight. Germany is taking this to heart, and as a result it is currently the world leader in photo-voltaic solar panel use. The country has a capacity of over 35 gigawatts of solar power at present, and as far back as 2011 a full 3% of Germany’s power usage was created by solar energy.

Germany’s Goals

While 3% might not sound impressive, it is a solid start for the country. Germany has set a goal to get more than a third of its energy from solar power by the year 2020. By 2050 the country expects to get as much as 100% of its power from solar energy. While these goals might seem lofty, particularly to nations who don’t have such a heavy investment in renewable energy, Germany has decided to take the initiative and to provide all the energy its people need with the power provided every day by the sun.


What Solar Energy is Replacing

The main thrust behind Germany’s solar energy drive is that the nation wants to replace as much of its nuclear power as it can. With recent disasters such as the Fukushima reactor meltdown in Japan, and other horrors like Three Mile Island and Chernobyl’s meltdown, the benefits of nuclear power don’t often outweigh the downsides. This is even more true when considering the waste that these locations produce, and the slew of problems that come with both safety, as well as keeping the facilities updated technologically. Rather than attempt to cling to a fading power generation source, Germany has opted to shut down as many nuclear plants as possible, replacing them with cleaner, more natural energy.


Will Other Countries Follow?

Germany is not the only nation attempting to quit damaging energy producing sources. However the influences of economic recession, as well as the lobby from major power players, often stalls the process of getting real, renewable, safe power. Spain, once considered one of the most solar friendly sites in the world, has been scaling back permits and shutting off the tap of solar power investment. This comes as a direct result of the installation of a more conservative government who views the solar industry as expendable, rather than as something that can help the economy recover and grow bigger. In light of the dangers of modern power plants though, many nations as well as individuals are looking for ways to produce safe, clean power that will allow them to lead normal lives without damaging the planet further.


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