“How To Market With Stickers”

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Let’s face it, when you hear someone mention stickers, you probably think of young children and their desire to collect and affix them to all kinds of things. The reality is that a myriad of companies actually utilize stickers as effective marketing collateral. Lately, there has been an increase in sticker popularity amongst people of all ages, which has made them a marketing staple for a lot of businesses. If you want to take advantage of this medium, here is some helpful information.
Know Your Audience
Even though sticker marketing has performed very well for many companies, that doesn’t mean that it’s the appropriate strategy for all audiences. Take some time to consider your target audience and what their behavior and interests are before you decide to print and distribute stickers. You should take things like their hobbies, age, type of media, etc. into consideration. These criteria can help you decide whether or not a sticker campaign would be the most effective thing, or if you should spend your time and money elsewhere. If you determine that your audience would be receptive to sticker marketing, then it is something that might be worth a try to test response.
Stellar Design
Of course, the success of your sticker campaign will really hinge on the design. Getting creative with your messaging, graphics and images is key in generating demand and in getting your stickers placed so others can see them. You want to make sure that your stickers stand out from the crowd. This can be accomplished both with design and with the shape of your stickers. You definitely want your branding to be present so people can associate the stickers with your company.
What Is The Message?
Just as important as a great design, you would be wise to consider what the messaging is that will be present on your stickers. Do you want to include a call to action to try and increase engagement? Or are the stickers mainly branding pieces that build awareness of your company. Another thing to consider is including contact information, whether that be a website address or a phone number.
Once your stickers are designed and have been printed and delivered, the next step is to get them into the right hands. The beauty of stickers is that they can be extremely easy to distribute. They can be inserted in mailers of all kinds, they can be handed out at events and tradeshows, and they can act as rewards for engagement.
A sticker campaign is a very fun and interesting way to help bring awareness to your company. One of the beauties of sticker marketing is that if your competitors aren’t doing it, it can give you a leg up on them. If anything, it is worth considering.
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When Ashley Penningtons isn’t playing at the beach with her dogs, she is reading blogs and keeping up with all things social media. After getting a degree in Sociology, Ashley knew she was destined to study how companies can beneficially interact with and engage a target population.
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