How to Market Your First Book

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You are in the process of writing, or you have just finished writing, your very first book and you have a publisher or at least have one who is interested; this means congratulations are in order! Give yourself a pat on the back and take a much needed break from focusing on your fantastic manuscript. After you have taken your well-deserved break it is time to figure out how you are going to market your fantastic first book. Unless your publisher comes from an expensive first rate company than you will probably end up doing a lot of the marketing work for your book yourself.
Here is a list of tips on how you successfully market your first book:
Identify Your Audience
As you have been writing your book, you have probably had a specific audience in mind; young adults, older women, Young teenagers, Sci-Fi gurus, fantasy lovers, or even children. It is important to be able to identify your audience before you start any kind of marketing campaign or endeavors.
Make a Plan/Form a Budget
Once you know who you will be pitching/marketing your book to, it is time to make a plan and form a budget. Don’t go into marketing flying by the seat of your pants and winging it day by day; you should have a set plan/schedule of what you are going to do and when and what you hope to accomplish at certain points in time. You will also need to figure out what kind of money you can spend on your marketing campaign.
Build Your Audience before Release
Announcing your book release will be of no use if you have no audience to hear you. This is when social media accounts and blogs come in handy, especially if you have a big following and or a lot of friends. Here are some social media/internet accounts you should be using before you release your book:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Personal/Professional Blog
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
Amazon (Time Your Release)
Did you know there is actually a way to hack the Amazon’s best-selling list? It is no easy feat which is why so few people are able to manage it or even mention it. You can get in the top 100 range by selling 500 of your books in one day; you can also try to make it to the top 10 bestselling list by selling 2000 of your books in just one day. There are some rules/guidelines to trying conquering these lists and those are:
  • You cannot buy all the books yourself
  • You cannot have a small group of friends/family buy all the books for you
The reason for these guidelines is that Amazon has a way of tracking credit cards and IP addresses which means they will know if you are trying to cheat the system. The sales must be legit or you will not rank in the bestselling list. Of course, getting that many sales in one day is going to be a very difficult feat, which means you need to time your release in advance and time it well. Make sure all your marketing tactics lead up to that specific release day so that more people buy on that day than any other.
Book Printing
Are you going to be printing your book yourself? Or is your publisher going to deal with that aspect of publishing? Either way, you should be involved in the printing process of your book. Book printing in Alexandria is a great example of a professional, well-equipped place where you can have your first book printed and put together.
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