How To Save Water In Your Home

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By: Katie —-

Water saving is something we all need to be conscious of. Given that water bills have increased in most countries around the world, where clean water is available to the majority of the population, many have started being more mindful of how they use it anyway. However, there is still a lot of work that we can all do to reduce the amount of water we consume.

Here are the ways to make the most significant dent in your own water use.

Discover Your Water Footprint

Over the past 10 years or so, you have probably become more than tired of hearing about carbon footprint reduction. You should be prepared for more of the same, however, as now our water footprint is going to come into focus.

Discovering your water footprint will actually take you far beyond the four walls of your home, and make you think about how water plays a part in everything from the clothes you wear to the food you eat.

Taking this knowledge and taking action might not see a direct saving in terms of what comes from the tap, but your personal water footprint will diminish massively.

Use Water Butts

Passionate gardeners go through a huge volume of water every year. The easiest way for them to reduce what they take from the mains supply, and possibly even cut it out completely, is to install water butts in their garden. These are designed to collect rainwater for you to use when you need to feed your plants or lawn.

The water-dispensing tap fitted at the bottom of a water butt is designed to encourage you to be sparing with how you use even this collected water, in that it is suitable for filling a watering can but not fitting a hosepipe.

How To Save Water In Your Home

Go to the Bathroom

Your bathroom is comfortably the place in your house responsible for most water consumption. In total, around 50% of your total water use will come from there. The majority of this will be used when flushing your toilet.

Buy a cistern controller, or make one yourself, to cut your toilet water consumption by as much as a third.

The shower is the next biggest offender, and will potentially be on a par with your toilet if you’re using a power shower or something with high water flow.

Several products in the Agua Flux store can help you here, while their site also features resources that will help you enjoy water savings elsewhere.

Hire a Plumber

The hidden costs and water waste that an undiscovered leak could be causing you are potentially huge. While you can look at your taps, toilet, and visible pipes in your home, you probably aren’t going to be able to investigate everywhere with 100% confidence in what you’re doing.

That’s where a plumber comes in. In a similar way that you’d go to the doctors for a check-up once a year, you should consider bringing a plumber into your home to look at everything, especially the areas you might be unable to access, and identify the tell-tale signs of a leak that you might be unaware of.

There are many ways to save water at home, and the way to make the biggest difference both to your consumption and to bills is to implement as many of these ideas as possible.

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Katie is passionate about water saving and runs a local community action group where people in her area can come together and discuss initiatives to reduce water consumption. She hopes to set up a new website in the coming months and extend the reach of her group and activities further.
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