How we get to our Vacation Destinations – Infographic

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By: Travel Advantage Network

Annually – there are numerous American citizens that will be on holiday getaway. That accumulates to plenty of transportation. This infographic will take a glance at 3 common traveling methods and see which is a bit more widely used, pricey, and more.

In our illustration, a one way voyage from new york to La might not differ significantly in amount though the period of time is very much diverse. We also considered just what % of each and every mode of transportation is used for leisure traveling versus all other kinds.

An additional insightful point to check out is the guy against female for all mode of transportation. While it is equivalent for road and rail travel, nearly twice the amount of men travel for air travel in comparison with women for leisure.

Finally, we contrasted just how much energy is used for every mode of transportation for a complete year. Let’s simply say – should everyone would fly or take the train, we would probably consume a lot less!!

Infographic by Travel Advantage Network which aims to deliver extraordinary vacation experiences.

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