“Tips on Digital Printing”

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There are many aspects to global business that include the day to day operations such as printing. Although it may seem like something as simple as printing would not be significant, it can add up in cost and technology. With advances in technology it has become easier than ever to produce high quality printing projects. Digital printing also saves money because it uses less ink.
Before digital printing technology there was offset printing which required engraved metal plates that took time and money. These are both factors that can quickly add costs and loss of revenue. On the other hand digital printing uses less ink and does not require the expenses and time of metal plates. Another advantage to digital printing is the amount that you can print. For example say that someone only wants to print a five page document; they no longer need to worry about making an engraving and rolling ink on the plate. Plus you can save time by simply sending the created document that is on the computer directly to the digital printer.
You can also change the data that is being printed, which means more variety of text, images, and color. This would be very difficult and time consuming with offset printing. You can also personalize the type of media printed, for example advertisements and business cards can be unique. You no longer have to settle for a basic template that other printing companies accept. This type of freedom from digital printing can greatly expand what a printing business or the everyday consumer can do. The following are some tips that can assist you as you digital print:
  • Design: To maximize the advantages of digital printing you need to focus on the design of the document or image being printed. This means that attention to details such as how sharp or crisp the image is should be overlooked. If a client or someone printing from home gives you a faded or grainy image the print will only be as good as the original image. This can be improved by taking a picture with a high resolution camera, or making sure you have the right font.
  • Equipment: Make sure that the printer and computer you have will do the job correctly and with quality. If the printer can only print small images than it will not work for printing a large banner. Also if the computer is out of date it may not be able to run graphic design programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Just make sure that the equipment matches the job you are doing with your digital printer.
  • Manage time: Make good estimates of how much a print job will cost, and how long it will take. For example digital printing has many advantages, but it does not print as fast as offset printing. You will need to account for some of the disadvantages in order to complete quality print jobs.
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