“Top 5 Eco-Travel tips to make your next Trip Greener”

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As we head into an era where environmental friendliness and awareness will be key in combating climate change, it is important to start with things that all of us can practice in our daily lives. Marketing campaigns have made a whole generation aware of ‘going green’, however the simple and day to day practices we can all adopt are still not as well known. Going green means thinking of the environment at all times, from taking out the trash to taking a vacation. Here a few ways to make your next trip a little greener:
Avoid Flying as much as possible
Public transportation is the way to go, however planes are notorious fuel guzzlers and should be avoided as much as possible. This is easily done if you are planning to go somewhere domestic. Other options like trains and buses or even an electric car road trip are slower but equally fun. They also avoid you the horror that the TSA checks have become.
Stay in Eco Friendly resorts
one of the positive developments in Eco travel over the last few years has been the springing up of many Eco Friendly resorts. These utilize natural lighting, heating, recycled water as well as use local ingredients for their food. There is no skimping on comfort too, just extra care taken to maximize resources and avoiding strain on the environment.
Get Tech Savvy
at first glance this seems like an aberration as all technology gadgets are battery guzzlers. It is not possible to cut yourself off from the modern world by not using modern gadgets like cell phones and laptops, so the better option is to use better, more efficient and environment friendly gadgets. Use rechargeable solar chargers on the go, make sure you are not leaving the devices plugged in when not in use and choose companies that have a high environmental friendliness rating. Also, recycle your old gadgets. Using digital options wherever available also reduces the use of paper for things like Boarding passes, books and comics upping your green quotient.
Reuse everything that can be reused
having a good quality water bottle means that you can just refill it whenever you want instead of buying multiple travel sized bottles again and again. These small plastic containers are a huge strain on the environment and their use should be minimized. Another thing that can be done is to pack your own toiletries in reusable containers that can be carried over to your next trips. Making space for carrying your own towels is also a good idea if you can manage to do it.
Eat Local and support the local arts
Explore the charms of the country or city you are travelling to by eating the true local delicacies on offer. Eating local is something that all of us can do everywhere, and it provides real and tangible benefits to the resources saved. Not only dies this give a boost to the local economy but encourages others to eat local as well. Avoid the fast food chains when you travel. Make sure you are buying souvenirs from local craftsmen and tradesmen rather than mass produced trinkets. These people use locally sourced raw material and value your business much more.
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