Top 5 Things to Avoid When Printing Business Cards

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PA business card is a quick presentation of yourself, something that lasts after your meeting has concluded, and is the marketing piece that you will use the most often in promoting yourself and your company. Being professional is essential, being memorable is important, but mistakes can be costly on any marketing collateral but business cards are the worst.
To avoid the common mistakes made with business cards, follow these simple tips. There are several pitfalls that you can avoid by just being aware of what they are:
  1. Do not use low-grade or poor quality paper. Your business cards are a presentation of your business, the perception that is derived from a card can determine whether people view you as “quality”.
  2. Monitor or check press capabilities and qualities. Nothing says “home-made” like a poor printing job. Do your research and find a company that provides high quality printing in Sandy. An actual print shop will be able to do more than just process color, they will be able to accent the card with embossing, varnishes, and unique cuts or sizes. Your press quality will set a tone for your business’ ability to produce quality work.
  3. Choose your fonts and spacing carefully. One mistake many people make is trying to fit too much information on their cards, another is not having enough content to put on the card. Make sure that your text is normally sized for business cards. Do not have a font that is too large, making it appear you have little experience. Place your copy in the designed format and let it do the talking for your business.
  4. Choose elements and logo placement to deliver an impact. What is most important is having something memorable about the card. Custom graphics and logos are always suggested; over having basic clip art on your card. People generally try to make a statement with their cards; and a novice will try to communicate that through very obvious clipart. You can do a lot with a tagline and small icons; so consider consulting with someone about the design for your business cards in Sandy.
  5. Lastly, we would heavily suggest against any type of errors on your card. This is where it is important to proof read your copy, have others help you with reading over the text. Nothing will state unprofessional like a spelling error on your card. Avoid all grammatical and spacing issues where applicable. Your content is crammed onto a few inches of space, make every last bit of that real estate count for you; have the correct information.
Business Card Basics
So now that you know what to avoid, here are a few tips on the important elements that all business cards should have. First, and hopefully this is obvious but your name. Many people try to create generic cards that everyone can carry but this isn’t helpful for those people you hand it out to. Your contact details are the most important. Next, your preferred means of contact. This means your email address, your mailing address, and your phone number. If you still use a fax machine to do business, you should include that too. And lastly, we would suggest your official title. This will help people as they catalog their contacts and keep track of future opportunities.
Follow these tips for what to include and what mistakes to avoid and you are sure to create a lasting business card. Remember, that as you hand out these cards, you are making an impression that will be lasting. Make sure your business cards represent your company and brand well.
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