“Visit UK- A Blend of Royalty and Taste”

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If you are planning for an international travel and deciding upon a destination, United Kingdom can be great for a tourist visit. It has much to offer in terms of its Cultural Heritage, Art and history, Amusement and sights. The country also has acclaimed educational institutes like Oxford and Cambridge. A mention of each and every tourist spot will be difficult, so let’s take a look at a few of its famous cities and their attractions-
  • London– London being the capital city of the UK and the abode of the Royal family holds great importance. There is quite a lot to watch here and you will most certainly find something of your interest. It boasts about the cultural and religious heritage, performing arts and a hub for literature. It has one of the world’s known shopping areas with the likes of Oxford, Bond and Regent Streets.
    • Points of Interest– Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, Big Ben, Museums, National Gallery, Tower of London, Beautiful parks like Regent and James Park etc.
  • Edinburgh– Capital city of Scotland, it is home to its Parliament. It’s a beautiful blend of the picturesque view and the Historical set up. Book a beautiful apartment in Edinburgh and enjoy the scenic view of the hills. If you are lucky enough to be a part of the Scottish new year festival Hogmanay, witness their traditions and excitement in full form.
    • Points of Interest– Edinburgh Castle, National Museum of Scotland, Camera Obscura, Our Dynamic Earth- the museum, Scotch Whiskey Heritage centre etc.
  • Torquay– It is a small town set up near the coast. Come and relax here, relish the gentle sea breeze and have a great vacation. It is a home to some elegant theatres and film companies. You can spend some great time enjoying all sorts of water sports.
    • Points of Interest– Kents Cavern, Babbacombe Theatre, Agatha Christie Mile, Beaches like Meadfoot etc.
  • Liverpool– Liverpool is an elegant city famous for its history of Pop music and sports. While it boasts of these, it is also known for trading- import and export. It also has great quality pubs in the area.
    • Points of Interest– Liverpool Football Club, Liverpool Central Library, Beatles fame- Albert Dock, Cavern Club, Childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, Casbah Coffee Cub etc.
  • Birmingham– One look and you will know that this city has industrial prowess. It came out modified and modernized after WWII. It is known for its motor industry and being the birthplace of Cadbury chocolate.
    • Points of Interest– Symphony Hall, Cadbury World, Birmingham Back to Backs, Broadway Plaza, BBC Birmingham’s Public Space etc.
  • Glasgow– It is the largest Scottish city known for its industrial genius and cultural heritage. It can give you a classy shopping experience to remember.
    • Points of Interest– Glasgow Cathedral and Necropolis, Glasgow Science centre, Tower and IMAX, Buchanan Street, The Burrell Collection etc.
This is just a brief idea about how appealing UK can be. You might need to choose the places based on the interests that you would like to visit during your trip. Plan a vacation to UK and savour upon the blend of Cultural history and modernization along with the beautiful Scottish panorama.
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