“World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony”

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Every couple that falls in love, dreams of getting married one day. An ideal wedding with paradise like surroundings is the desire of many couples, one that they will hold in their memories and cherish forever. A wedding that they will speak of for years to come to their children and colleagues, one that is only heard of in fairy tales. A perfect get-away to lands they only hear about, to experience the majesty of the world in that once in a life time occasion. Older couples may also choose to go to these destinations to renew their vows, a sign of re-commitment to one another. A perfect wedding is considered a gateway or a first step towards happily ever after so that if a couple receives their dream wedding it is viewed as being in the path towards a long and fruitful marriage. Organizations all over the world have decided to make this dream a reality. They have created the perfect locations with beautiful sceneries in which to carry out weddings. Some of these locations are mentioned below
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
The White Bay Beach
This is a white sandy beach in the British Virgin Islands that is just the place for a couple willing to have a secluded and serene wedding; it is surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It oozes sophistication in an outdoor setting with the beautiful sun and large palm trees on the beach. It is a perfect destination for wedding ceremonies and the subsequent honeymoon period thereafter.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
The Bahamas
There are various regions in the Bahamas where a couple may exchange their vows in the Bahamas. They include, Andros, Exuma, Grand Bahama Island, Habour Island, Nassau, Paradise Island, and The out Island. Every region in the Bahamas is set to capture the imagination of the couple, with the beautiful white sandy beaches and the blue waters extending to the horizons. It is rich in the culture and heritage of the locals and is an ideal destination to view the magnificence of the dolphins. 
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
Big Island, Hawaii
When people think of vacation destinations, the one word that comes to inn is Hawaii. This is an American overseas territory that is famous for its majestic white sandy beaches, and beautiful palm trees. It is surrounded by beautiful blue waters of the North Pacific Ocean and in addition to being a vacation destination; it is also an ideal location for a dream wedding for any couple looking for a paradise getaway.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
Rio de Janeiro
 A city in the vast South American country of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is set to blow the minds of couples who choose to say their nuptials in the city. Located in a country that is known for its rich history in football, it is home to some of the most beautiful historic sites such as the World’s largest art deco sculpture, Christ the Redeemer, to the high peaks of Sugarloaf and Corcovado. Wedding ceremonies can be held on the white sandy beaches of the city which provides a beautiful view of the South Atlantic Ocean and the amazing Samba beats from the residents.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
This is the third largest island in the Caribbean with regions such as Montego Bay, Negril, Ocho Rios, Runaway Bay, Treasure Beach, and Westmoreland. Jamaica provides couples with a vast array of wedding venues, which are coupled with the beautiful reggae beats and culture of the Jamaican people. Its sandy beaches are a sight to behold for anyone who dares take on it for their unforgettable wedding.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
Masai Mara, Kenya
 The Masai Mara is one of the most sought out national parks in the African continent and the world at large. It provides beautiful sceneries of the Sahara with its breathtaking wildlife. Encounter Mara, is a perfect venue for any couple that is willing to have a beautiful traditional Maasai wedding. It is an experience to behold coupled with exquisite African cuisines that will amaze the love birds willing to have a go in the wild.
Umbhaba Lodge
This is a lodge that is situated in the beautiful South African city of Johannesburg. This venue is bordered by the breathtaking Sabie River Valley and the Misty Drakensburg Mountains. It is a serene getaway for couples looking for a secluded getaway, and it is a departure point for excursions into the Kruger National Park, the unbelievable Blyde River Canyon, God’s Window, and Bourke’s Luck Pot Holes, where the couple can spend their honeymoon. It comprises an exquisite selection of African Tribal Suites that will capture the imagination of the coupe.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
Paris, France
This city is the home to the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and the majestic Eiffel Tower. It is known as the City of Light which is a perfect destination for couples who intend to exchange their vows. It is a destination for couples who want to have a sophisticated and elegant wedding in the vast and beautiful cathedrals in the city.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
Atlantis, Dubai
Atlantis is a beautiful getaway destination in the mind blowing Palm Island in Dubai. It is a venue to behold for romantic lovers intending to say their nuptials on the beautiful white sandy beaches overlooking the blue waters and amazing waves of the Gulf on all sides.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
This is an amazing wedding destination that will definitely capture the imagination of couples, found in the Northern region of the African continent. It is home to the breathtaking historic pyramids, the River Nile, and vast sandy deserts. It is a destination to consider when looking for a wedding venue.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
Viceroy Hotels
This venue is situated on the beautiful City of Miami in the United States of America. It provides an elegant and sophisticated venue for couples look with caviar taste. It provides beautiful scenery of the amazing city. From the hotels, the couple can relax on the beautiful Miami Beach, and later on catch a Basketball game in the American Airlines Arena in the city.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
 Serena Inn, Zanzibar
 For couples looking a romantic wedding venue, filled with historical sites and perfect scenery of the Indian Ocean on white sandy beaches, the spice island of Zanzibar is the perfect place to go. It will provide a beautiful, serene and secluded area where lovers can exchange their vows in the beautiful outdoors under the cool shades of the vast palm trees and lovely breeze from the ocean.
 "World’s Ideal Areas to Get a Desired Destination Marriage Ceremony"
Wilson Island, Australia
This is a tropical coral cay in the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. It is considered as one of the most romantic and breathtaking regions in the world. It is a perfect venue for a wedding due to its majestic sandy beaches and the vast blue waters surrounding it.
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